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New Feature: Content Voting/Scores

by | Jul 10, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

Content Voting/Scores Now Live!

Our customers now have the ability to enable content voting within the following sections:

  • Custom Pages. Voting can be enabled per page.
  • Blogs.Voting can be enabled for posts, comments or both per blog. Each post and comment will display a score control, though comments will display their positive or negative bias instead of a skinned “out of five” score.
  • Forums. Voting can be enabled per forum. Each topic will display a score control and scores are displayed in the forum’s topic list where users may choose to sort by score.

Administrators also can configure their settings and preferred skin for content scoring.

This is yet another example of how is continually upgrading its offerings to provide our customers with the most robust membership management tools in the industry. And best of all our current customers receive them free of charge with no additional modules to buy.


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