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by | Jun 16, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

42-16223505Boy, have we been busy! just rolled out more new features! Our already robust membership software and online communities just got more so with the roll-out of the Group Forums, Now! micro-blogging, Administrative Audit Log features and more.
Group Forums 
Our customers may now create new forums for their online communities and assign members as moderators of specific community forums via their backend profile.
Group forums may be created within each group. The forum system includes: forum subscriptions, top poster list, topic posting, replies, sticky threads, announcements, image/file attachments, data export, tell-a-friends, locking of forums/topics and per member type post/read security settings. They may also create publicly accessible forums on their sites. 
Members may subscribe to specific forums and receive an automated email digest of any forum activity that occurs.
NOW! Feed 
We also rolled out NOW! a fantastic micro-blogging feature that allows admins to set access to both members and nonmembers. Perfect for quick shots of information, tips, news flashes, etc.
Administrative Audit Log
Certain administrative events (actions performed by administrators on the backend of the site) are now logged. This information can be used as a trail to determine when and who, for example, deleted a member. Information such as the IP, username and the action performed is recorded. This feature is only available to those administrators who have the “Manage Admin Accounts” right.

The following administrative events are logged:

  • Admin Account Deleted
  • Community Profile Deleted
  • Custom Page Deleted
  • Donation Deleted
  • Dues Transaction Deleted
  • Member Updated by Admin
  • Store Order Deleted

New Report

We have also added a new report of the Top 100 Members with Connections. This report names the member and number of their connections.

Customer Service Section Expanded, Redesigned
The internal customer service section of the website has been expanded with new content including: tips, software resources, partners, whitepapers, SEO tips and a redesigned layout.

Our latest roll-outs are just another example of how we enable our customers to reach their members. We are constantly striving to improve our product to meet our customers’ ever-changing technology needs. offers a complete online community with a customer focus.


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