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by | Apr 23, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

We’re rolling more great features! Our customers reap the benefits of over 150 new features and enhancements a year. They don’t wait for some far-off aggregated launch date. They get it now! Read further to learn more about the latest features they’re receiving.

Location Selector & Tax/VAT Management

A new location selector system has been redesigned to provide specific states, provinces, territories and counties for each country (the current location selector does not allow for specific locations within each country.)    The following new features are also included in this enhancement:

  • Ability to select your preferred country, which will display as pre-selected in the country list on all site forms.
  • Tax/VAT percentage can be set for each country and each location within a country. This gives our customers complete control over setting different tax rates per state.
  • Ability to limit the “ship to” options for specific countries and locations. For example, if you only ship to Canada, England and the United States you could remove the option to select any other country within the shipping address country selection in the store.
  • Manage the “location” label for each country. For example, if a person selected “United States” the location label could read “State” with a dropdown list of all states, and if a person then changed to “Ireland” the location label could change to “County” with a dropdown list of all counties in Ireland.
  • has a pre-defined list of related locations for a few countries. Customers can add specific locations for countries via the new location manager. In addition, they can preview their location selector via the backend.

Tax/VAT Exempt Option Now Available in Store

Customers can now configure their stores with a tax/VAT exempt option. If enabled, a checkbox will appear during checkout to allow shoppers to pay without tax/VAT assessed. In addition, they may require the customer provide their tax/VAT ID.  

Microsite Pages
Microsite Pages are live!  A “Microsite” is a collection of similar pages that are considered to be a supplement to the rest of the site. When a microsite page is created, it is not “wrapped” in the look and feel of the site; it is a blank canvas. This means our customers have near-complete control over the HTML within the page. Microsites can be used to promote a special event and have a series of pages wrapped with a completely different look and feel than the rest of the branded site. It’s like getting multiple web sites in one.

Membership Dues – Multi-Criteria Dues Calculations
Within the membership dues system there is now the option to create “Membership Modifiers.” customers can add multiple modifiers to a single membership. These modifiers can be factored (quantity entered x amount) or fixed fee. When factored, customers have the option to set the minimum and maximum quantity allowed. In addition, each modifier can be associated with multiple memberships.   Example of the use of a membership modifier within dues calculations:

  1. You create a membership modifier to charge $1.50 for each employee of a member company (in addition to the base annual membership fee of $250).
  2. A person registers as a Member Company on the website and goes to the next step where they select their membership.
  3. The person selects Annual Member for $250. 
  4. On the membership dues form the person would then be presented with a question: “How many employees do you have?” The person would enter “53”. The calculation would show that the member would then pay $250 + ($1.50 x 53) for a total of $329.50.

Since we are a SaaS model, our customers receive these roll-outs instantaneously — no dowloads required — and they are included in the cost of their software. recognizes that our customers’ needs and technology are ever-changing and evolving so we are not content to rest on our laurels. We are constantly developing and enhancing our product. Want to see what we’re all about? Take a webinar!


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