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Modernize your association with marketing automation.

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Membership & Marketing

As a membership manager, all I ever wanted was for marketing automation to drive membership growth and retention. I always had to manually send out our membership campaigns. I spent approximately 20 hours a week doing this. I knew if we implemented marketing automation, it would alleviate this burden and allow me to shift my focus on our strategic initiatives to create additional value to members.

Marketing automation is more than just the latest buzzword. It’s where technology meets marketing by mechanizing marketing actions, such as emails, social media and website calls-to-action. It permits marketers to nurture prospects with personalized and useful content that helps you convert prospects into new association members.

Grow your membership.

Lead scoring is a ranking system based on actions that prospective members take throughout their digital journey. It evaluates their given score against a defined scale of perceived value. The higher the score, the more engaged your prospect members are. Based on their activity, their score determines how to prioritize and engage these leads with content to encourage non-members to convert into members.

Automated drip campaigns are a favored method to nurture leads. These campaigns slowly develop a relationship with prospective members by nurturing them with personalized content. Drip campaigns can be triggered by either a defined timeline or specific actions taken by the prospective member. These campaigns go hand-in-hand with lead scoring to qualify leads through the sales funnel.

Optimize your campaigns.

Overwhelmingly, the average office employee receives 120 emails each day. How can your association compete with this communication influx and get your communications to rise to the top of your members’ inboxes?

A competitive feature of marketing automation allows associations to take advantage of send-time optimization. This feature faithfully calculates on what day and at what time to send emails to your targeted audience. Its value lies in boosting open and click-through rates. You will be able to send a highly personalized, relevant message, and you will deliver it at the right time. Most importantly, your members will be more receptive to it.

Are you tired of manually sending out membership campaigns? Download this free ebook for strategies to modernize your association.


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