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Modernize your association with an integrated, cloud-based solution.

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Membership & Marketing

Are your strategies limited by your technology? As associations evolve, they sometimes do not have the time or resources to think long term about scalable management software and business productivity solutions. Instead, they react to the immediate needs of their organizations by patching together a variety of disparate systems that solve different needs, resulting in data and productivity inefficiencies.

Integrated solutions.

Integrated solutions centralize your data to offer your association a complete, 360-degree view of your members. This holistic view allows you to fully understand the membership journey. Invaluable insight such as this is a competitive differentiator, making it possible for you to predict membership growth and retention rates based on your membership behaviors. Your association will also provide your members a better experience—from prospect to join, from join to engage, and from engage to creating value.

Additionally, integrated solutions significantly reduce operational costs by simplifying operations. Systems natively talk to each other to reduce the need to transfer data from separate databases. It allows your staff to work more efficiently using one solution rather than multiple solutions. Unified solutions also eliminate working with multiple vendors and helps simplify the complexity of your IT environment.

Cloud-based technology.

Cloud-based technology allows your staff to work from anywhere and at any time. But how does that translate to any browser and device? A majority of legacy software restricts your association staff to one version of a browser and makes it near impossible to access your member database through a mobile device or tablet.

On average, 80% or more of attendees at your annual conference or meeting are members of your organization. How many of those members have asked specific questions that require you to access their account? Members expect that you are able to instantly connect to their account and provide them with their requested information. Selecting and implementing a software that empowers your staff entry into the membership database on any device is increasingly needed.

Cloud-based association solutions that utilize a software-as-a-service model keep your technology current. These providers also continuously monitor data and security trends that mitigate your risks and optimize your IT investments.

Are you ready to learn more about integrating your solutions with one partner? Download this free ebook for strategies to modernize your association.


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