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Make the Time to Seek Inspiration: Friday Fix

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

(Photo credit: from Forbes “40 Things to Say Before You Die” by Jessica Hagy)

On my Facebook page this morning I posted that I wasn’t sure whether a comment that was said to me was a compliment or not. One of my friends offered, “Since you have a choice, I would take it as one.” There was my inspiring moment of the morning! Yes, it inspired this blog post but it also inspired something deeper. Many times it’s how we frame things in our mind that changes the end result. Is the comment about you being “constantly online” a testament to your work ethic or a jab at you being a workaholic? Which do you want it to be?

Finding inspiration — or more clearly, allowing yourself to be inspired — is a way of becoming more productive. Find ways throughout your day to surround yourself or do something that inspires you. It could be waking up early and taking a walk or watching a TED talk over lunch. You might spend some time brainstorming with a colleague from another department or industry or simply allowing yourself the silence you need to “hear” your own ideas. Whatever you do to seek inspiration, make it a consistent part of your work life.  Inspiration is the first step to innovation.

Need a healthy dose of inspiration? Try this post from Forbes.

Although this topic is something you can “accomplish” in half an hour, becoming truly inspired is a life-long pursuit. It’s a reframing of how you envision options and who you chose to surround yourself by. Take some time today to think about what inspires you — music, the written word, fabulously intelligent people…and spend time in the company of that inspiration.


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