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Make Everything You Do Just Right – Friday Fix

by | Apr 27, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

Making It Just RightMy kids have been obsessed with Goldilocks and Three Bears recently (of course, it helps when I throw in surprises like Mama Bear was making pizza instead of porridge). If you can’t remember the plot, a family of bears goes out on a walk and a child comes along and helps herself to their things. She always tries Papa Bear’s stuff first and it is too ____, then Mama’s is too ____ (but the exact opposite of Papa’s) and Baby Bear’s is “just right.” From food, to chair to bed, she takes everything Baby Bear has because it’s to her liking.

You want your content to have the same effect on for your members. Sure they might sample others offerings but ultimately you want to entice them to come to you to take/use (and ultimately share) what you have. “Just right” does not mean perfect. It does not mean smartest, best written or any other superlative. “Just right” is about offering something that resonates with your audience — suites their taste — something targeted to them, that they will enjoy. (Not what YOU think they should enjoy.)

How do you know when what you’re providing is “just right”? Your member will let you know because you’ll catch her enjoying it and when you do, make sure you offer more of the same.


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