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Let Your Member Data Be Your New BFF

by | May 1, 2014 | Membership & Marketing

Last week we held our monthly YM Webinar with Elizabeth Engel, M.A., CAE, and Peter Houstle on their newly released whitepaper Getting to the “Good Stuff”: Evidence Based-Decision Making for Associations. It was an hour packed with extremely valuable information on using data that every association should be considering, if they are not doing so already.

Evidence-based decision-making is not a fad; it is a sound approach every association leader should be adopting to stay ahead of their competition. Capturing, analyzing and implementing strategies based on the data provided by your members is a key ingredient to making sure your association remains relevant and continues to provide value to members and the industry at large.

There are people who tend to shy away from this approach because it involves technology; and it is true that people are sometimes intimidated by technology, especially around collecting and analyzing data. But in all honest, there is no need to be.

In this edition of Ask the Thought Leader, I circled back with Elizabeth and Peter and asked a question I received from some folks following the webinar: I want to use data in my decision making process, but where do I start? Is there an easy and painless way to get my staff and leadership on board with me to tackled this?

Take a few minutes and check out Elizabeth’s and Peter’s take on how you can get started today and put your member data to work for you. Their advice is sound and can be easily be implemented by you and your staff.


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