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It’s so Easy (and Cost Effective) Being Green

by | Mar 12, 2009 | Membership & Marketing

There’s a lot of pressure out there to go greenand face it – it’s the responsible thing to do. But there’s a tremendous, and often overwhelming, amount of planning and implementation that goes into converting your previously paper-laden organization to the new lean, green machine that you and your members are hoping for., the global leader in online member communities and web-based membership software, makes that process infinitely easier. With the online dues and donations feature of the system, you can eliminate the need for paper invoices. Reminders for renewals can be easily emailed to your membership, a huge savings on mailing costs. Printing and mailing newsletters is a thing of the past as members can receive such pieces via email. Plus our email feature sends directly from you (on our server) to each member, decreasing the chance that your important information will end up lost in a spam folder. software has multimedia sharing capabilities. Imagine hosting rich media like videos, PowerPoint presentations, mp3s, even a ‘virtual tour’ of a new building or opening of a greener office. The possibilities are endless and included in your price.

Want to do more? Our membership management software even allows you to raise funds for donations and plan events (to support green initiatives or any of your choosing). Come explore our virtual store feature where your organization can sell anything from event tickets to t-shirts made from recycled materials. You can even sell documents you’ve created.

So do something for your organization, its members, the environment — and your wallet — and make going green part of your goals today. This is one bandwagon everyone should jump on.


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