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It’s Conference Season: don’t forget video

by | Jul 26, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

I love this time of the year, all the buzz around conferences and last minute items. Conferences provide an opportunity to put a face to a voice (or an avatar as the case may be) for those of us who have professional acquaintances across the country/world as well as make new ones. There are amazing opportunities for learning and conversation. The host cities are always gracious and accommodating and if you don’t come back fired up with ideas and energy you obviously spent too much time in your hotel room.

Prior to going to conferences and conventions those of us in social media join twitter lists, blog rolls, Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups with the hopes that we’ll be able to meet our new friends in person. It’s so exciting to recognize people across the room who you’ve previously known only as a 3/4″ square image.

If you’re blogging about your pre-conference adventures, consider a video blog leading up to the event as well. Not only does it create a much more personal experience, it will stand out in your network’s mind and (as long as people see it) serve as a point of conversation. (Oh my gosh, I saw your video about your pink fuzzy slippers. I brought mine too! — Like that but with more depth.) Below are a few suggestions on how you can use video to excite your audience:

Conference packing. Whether you are giving practical advice for first-time attendees or a funny glimpse into your tendency to over-pack, this is a great way to show your personality.

A montage of pictures of the area and its attractions (just remember to give proper credit for photos). No better way to get people excited about local sites than a visual collection. Bonus points: use the pics for a Pinterest board.

A book (pre) report. Instead of doing a video blog on a book you’ve just read, do one on the book you plan on travelling with. If you’re a reader you can always make a joke about how people will recognize you on the plane because your head will be “buried in this book.”

Comments about a Keynote. If you have time, take a look at the keynote speaker(s). Read their book. Acquaint yourself with their work. Do a video synopsis, book review or commentary regarding the keynote.

Hotel/convention center wisdom. If you’ve been there before or if you are lucky enough to get there earlier than most of your peers, consider doing a video tour of the best spots in the hotel, best local eateries or little known secrets to enjoying the surrounding areas.

Those are a couple of ideas I came up with. Any additions? Are you using video to capture your preliminary excitement and conference experience?



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