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I’m Already a Member; Don’t You Know That?

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Membership & Marketing

I recently requested information for an upcoming conference from an association that I’ve been a member of for a few years. As expected, I received a confirmation email thanking me for the request and the approximate time I’d receive the brochure.

But, I also received an email that stated I just created a new account to access all of their websites and tips about how to get started . . . as a new member. As you can imagine, I was perplexed by the second email. Simply put, their system didn’t recognize me as an existing member.

Having just left ASAE Annual, several sessions there spoke on this same exact scenario—not recognizing existing members and treating them as if they are new. It’s a topic of frustration that was mentioned on the show floor by many members and association staff.

Get a Tech Strategy to Get Innovative
One of the sessions I attended at ASAE Annual was “Strategically Evaluating your IT’s Readiness” presented by DelCor and ASAE’s CIO Reggie Henry. They talked about the Maturity IT Model following these 4 pillars:

      1. 1. Association Data
      1. 2. Management & Strategy
      1. 3. Infrastructure
      1. 4. Digital Presence

During the session, the audience was polled. The question: How mature is your organization’s IT department? Most organizations fell within the Functional and Effective stages, just below the top, Innovative.

It was discussed that the major challenge IT departments face is not having a strategy. It’s important to note, according to the session presenters and innovators, that strategy drives technology.

In other words, for your organization, membership departments must cohesively collaborate with IT to deliver exceptional member experiences. These two departments need to identify gaps in their processes and work with membership management technology leaders like YourMembership to deliver integrated systems. Without doubt, integrated systems are a key driver in delivering a personalized member experience, and building associations for the future.

Then, next time I request information from my association, I’d only get a confirmation email, and, as expected, a delightful experience.

Tell us in 140 characters or less about any of your less than delightful member experiences or, as an association, your struggle with disparate systems and silos of information. Tweet us at @yourmembership with the hashtag #ASAE16 to join the conversation. Or give us a call at 727-827-0046 to talk about ways to create a technology strategy and solve your challenges.


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