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How Online Communities Help Alumni Management & Social Networking

by | May 10, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

With the advent of the Internet came a new way for people to stay connected and along with this a new type of community was born. The online community has created whole new worlds for people where they can stay in touch on a daily basis even though they might be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. College alumni programs were quick to jump in and make good use of this type of community. With the advent of social networking software, alums were able to rediscover and reconnect to old friends, colleagues and mentors. has taken social networking software and customized it for alumni management. Your site includes – a customized-look to your website (feel free to use your school colors and logos); social networking features including online chat; event management; bulk email capabilities; dues and donation management; career networking and job postings; wiki and collaboration capabilities; group pages (that can be made visible to all or only those the information applies to) and so many more features that your admin will control.

What you really need is the ability to create an online community dedicated to your alumnus. There is no better way to keep your alumni program in full swing than by using all of the tools the Internet has contributed to the way we store and track information. By creating an online community you give your alumni an easy way to stay in touch and have fun while doing it. When it comes time for a reunion you have a large, up-to-date database to which you can send one simple bulk email describing the upcoming festivities. And because we send each email from you directly to the recipient there is less likelihood of it ending up in a spam folder.

Beginning in 1998 Your has been in the business of creating the software that you need for your alumni program. Our software features a fully-integrated and secure database that you maintain full control over. This software includes robust features like bulk emailing capabilities and the ability to create and edit page content (without html or coding experience). With satisfied customers spanning all seven continents, we provide the solutions you need to make your online alumni community a success.


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