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Helping Your Members Manage Their Social Networks

by | Mar 9, 2009 | Online Community

It’s Sunday night. Do you know what your members are doing?

No, this isn’t a question that will end in a restraining order. It’s a comment about our growing dependency on social networking sites.  According to the nonprofit Pew Internet project, 35% of adult Internet users use social networking software and/or sites. That’s an increase of nearly 30% over the past 4 years! (If only salaries increased with the same exponential fervor.) Inc., the global leader in online member communities and web-based membership management software, allows your members to link to all of their social networking sites from their profile on your site.  Their social networks are also available for other members to see. Ease, convenience, added traffic for your site…just think of it as a one-stop shop for your members’ online social networks.


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