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Grandpa, What’s a Newspaper?

by | Mar 20, 2009 | Online Community

In yet another example of the printed word going virtual, Seattle’s 146-year old Post Intelligencer has stopped its presses and geared up its website. The newspaper will now be online only. Partly due to a beleaguered economy and partly due to the rapid-fire news delivery through blogs and social networking communities, newspapers are trying to reinvent themselves to avoid going the way of the dinosaur.

As print media continues to struggle, social networks with their ability to communicate news, trends and industry commentary will become more and more important. can help you connect with your members in ways that your current website can not. Social networking software is essential for you to keep up with your members’ needs. Plus you can upload articles, news, multimedia presentations as well as manage events, run a virtual store and poll your members. And for those of you still stuck on paper and the printed word, you can always download a report with your membership management software and hit the control P button.


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