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Gathering Data from your Management Software

by | Mar 23, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

You’ve known for a while that this social networking thing wasn’t going away. You were even one of the first groups to embrace the online community but what if you’re not quite ready to go paperless? What if you still want reporting/exporting features?

Rest assured that the membership management site designed by would allow you to import member and non-member profile data into offline databases as well as export:

  • (in real time) member and non-member data
  • contact form information
  • event registration information
  • group and community blogs
  • job openings or postings
  • dues/donations and data transactions
  • store order/data transactions

You (not a giant, bureaucratic/corporate red-tape monster) are the administrator  so you can run searches and perform these exports when you want to, as often as you like — even as often as your boss likes. But if you don’t want to make it sound that simple, that’s okay by us.


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