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What Three Things Are You Doing for Your Members?

by | Jul 17, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

Let make your job easier

Let us make your job easier

Mornings are hectic. I’m not a morning person but I am the type who insists on being at least ten minutes early to everything. It gives me a chance to get the lay of the land and take a moment before I have to hit the ground running. Because of this, I have a rule — a rule of three. I can not carry, collect or think about more than three things as I am walking out of the house. I know my limitations. If I try any more than that I will inevitably forget something of national importance (like shoes).

Managing an organization can be a harried situation as well. If you try to do too many things at once, catering to too many individuals, you are bound to forget the basics. So what are you focusing on? What are you bringing to your organization, association, nonprofit or alumni group?

I’ve found that the more I prepare and give thought to my day the more I can handle and get done as I’m walking out the door. Strategy and forward-thought is key. If I pack a briefcase the night before and stuff it full of everything I need, it levels my three rule. I have now reduced multiple items to one concern.

You too can accomplish much with very little. With software from you can create a lively online community, poll your members as to their interest in your offerings, manage the administrative side, disseminate the latest industry information, manage and plan events, collect dues/fundraising and sell items on your own eCommerce site. Plus you don’t pay a la carte for our offerings. One low price gets you all this and more. There are no modules or enhancements to buy and we can have you up and running in 72 hours. So I guess the question is no longer what three things are you doing for your members; it’s become what three things can you accomplish now that you have a website, online community and efficient administrative tools at your fingertips?


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