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by | Mar 24, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Let us know how we can help and introduce yourself while you’re at it.

Five Things not to Miss on the Site:

1.   Our pricing – Custom features for an off-the-shelf price. We offer all features and product upgrades/enhancements included in your price. No tricky calculations involving number of members and emails and the day of the week in which they’re sent. It’s all straightforward and simple. After all, you have other things that require your attention.

2.  Our customers – They say it best. They use our product constantly and can provide testimonies to its capabilities. We put the power of community in their hands (and yours).

3.  Our product demo – Our product speaks for itself. Until you see the demo it’s hard to understand the amount of features and capabilities we provide your organization. We offer a complete community a robust social media platform (for your members) and an intuitive content management system for you. We throw in an event management component, dues collection, eCommerce and so much more. The demo’s free. What do you have to lose?

4.  Our articles – In addition to the information on our blog, you’ll find our articles section explains and defines some of the questions you may have involving social media in general. Take a look.

5.  Your control – It’s not all about us here. We simply empower you to make your members as successful as possible. For some that means providing job networking assistance, for others, it might be seminars and events. Whatever it means for your organization, we can help. Our product is robust and it also allows you to select the features that best serve your (and your members’) needs. Plus since you are in control, you can toggle many features on or off as your business needs change.

Social networking has become an enjoyable pastime for many of your members, while community and content management are essential to the continued growth of your organization. If you’re making the investment (and even time is an investment) why provide half of a solution? You need a complete online member community. You need membership software + social networking and a partner who shares your vision for your members’ success. Contact us today or leave a comment below. We’d love to hear of your experiences.  


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