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Smiles are Important. Connections Even More So.

by | Jul 29, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

j0437233This video clip brought a grin to my face. A Tokyo railway company has introduced a smile detector to its employees in the hopes that more smiles equate to better customer service. An employee does not need to be tested every day but every employee will eventually meet the smile detector, which notes the degree of upturn at the corners of your mouth.

In our drive to become more friendly, more helpful, more present in our dealings with our customers we have now created a machine that reads our lips. Is this necessary? How are you reaching out to your members? How are you providing them with the best service possible? How are you connecting them to each other?

Want to talk about a way to help your group feel even more connected? Want to discuss a way to put social media technology to use for you? By pass the smile machine and invest in something that will continue to give you a return on your investment and help you connect with your members in an essential way. Contact us. We’ll give you information that’s sure to make you smile (and we don’t need a machine to know that). 

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