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Functioning at the Edge of the Present and the Future

by | Jul 17, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

In the Spring 2009 issue of Nonprofit Quarterly Magazine, Ruth McCambridge gave organizations some hard advice:

“If they want to remain relevant and viable, nonprofits, along with most other organizations, must now function at the edge of the present and the future. They must not only adapt to their environment but also shape these environments to create productive change. Strategies must be fast moving, flexible and continuously experimental.”

As you approach the “…edge of present and the future…”, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and scared as you gaze upon the unknown but it is essential to retaining members and accomplishing your mission. Creative leadership encourages member communication and this will add value. It can feel difficult and confusing when you know little about technology. You must maximize your dollar and get the best product for your members and your wallet.

You need a partner who can remove the complicated aspects of social media; one who can provide a robust online member community that even a novice computer user can enjoy. You need a group that can give your administrators the most effective tools, with a quick learning curve and the convenience of an SaaS (Software as a Service) platform so that they can work anywhere there is an Internet connection. (This may even allow you to run a virtual office.) Go with a company who will not punish you for your success. Choose someone who allows you unlimited space, unlimited members and unlimited admins.

As Ms. McCambridge mentions, “Strategies must be fast moving…” Is 72 hours fast enough? Contact us today and we can have an online community and website for you faster than it takes for paint to dry in Florida during the rainy season.


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