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Friday Fix: hand someone the mic

by | Oct 14, 2011 | Industry News & Trends

In a new series we’re launching for Friday posts, we’ll offer quick-fix suggestions for your association that can be implemented in one day (without board approval) and very little implementation or “change” management cost/effort.

Your brand needs a recognizable and discernible voice. Your association, on the other hand, is best served by allowing and encouraging multiple voices to  be heard. This can take the form of empowering staff to explore social media or simply reworking your referral program. But the most effective — and memorable way — of giving others the mic is also giving them the spotlight. Provide members with a place to showcase their offerings. For example one of our association customers, who represents local businesses, frequently allows its member businesses to post their offerings to the community wall once a week at no charge. The wall serves as a brag board. Another association encourages guest bloggers and markets their content as if it were their own, allowing their guest bloggers to reach a larger audience. My alumni association provides pins, tote bags, name tags, recognition and more to anyone who’s willing to represent them at a recruiting function. They don’t send their staff; they send those who know best what it’s like to be a part of the organization — the members. Best of all, they never coached me on what to say. They gave me the stage, mic and spotlight.

How are you giving others the microphone? Do you switch off leading meetings? Do you feature members on your site? How do you allow them to shine?


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