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Freshy Joins the Team at

by | Aug 2, 2011 | Industry News & Trends

Meet Freshy, the newest member of the team. I recently sat down with Freshy for a few minutes before she left for ASAE11.

Full name: Freshy Fresh, but my friends call me Freshy or Fresheeeeee when trying to get my attention from the other side of the convention hall.

Birthday: 3/21/1998

Favorite color: anything but burnt orange

Favorite food: sunshine

Favorite drink: “Don’t you dare say orange juice!”

Favorite song: “Fresh” by Kool & The Gang

At this point in the interview Freshy breaks into song, surprisingly able to carry a tune considering she’s an orange and I wasn’t aware they had vocal cords.

“…She’s fresh exciting
She’s so exciting to me
She’s fresh exciting
She’s so inviting to me yeah….”

I clear my throat and we move on before that song gets stuck in my head.

Favorite quote: “When comparison shopping for association management software make sure you’re comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges because everyone knows oranges are the superior choice, there really is no comparison.” – Freshy, 2011

Me: Freshy, one more question since I know you’re in a hurry to get to St. Louis — what do you plan on doing at ASAE11?

Freshy nods and smiles (some people accuse Freshy of always smiling).

Freshy: Besides bungee jumping from the Arch?

Me: I guess, I mean while you’re at the ASAE conference.

Freshy: I’m gonna explain to folks why a fresh approach to association management software is best. It cuts costs, maximizes efficiency and improves member retention.

Me: How do you plan to convey this?

Freshy: The folks at have this covered. I just have to smile and look good. That’s what I do best. Let’s take a picture together. I just love pictures!


Wanna get your picture taken with Freshy? Visit booth 836 at ASAE11 where we’ll be talking about a fresh approach to association management software.


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