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Forget the Joneses, It’s Your Members You Have to Keep Up With

by | Mar 11, 2009 | Mobile

Recently, eight judges from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania named the greatest inventions over the past 30 years (in a survey sponsored by Knowledge@Wharton, the school’s business publication, and PBS’s “Nightly Business Report”). Topping the list — as no big surprise — is the Internet, followed by computers, mobile phones and email.

What do all of those items have in common, besides an explosion of devotees growing exponentially by the day? They are all things your members are using and items that will add value for your membership when employed by your organization. Inc., the global leader in online member communities and web-based membership management software, catapults your organization to the forefront of what your membership is looking for through mobile social networking opportunities, chat features, email, internal messaging and multimedia exchange capabilities.

If you’re not providing these features for your members, you can be sure they’ll get them from someone/somewhere else.


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