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Five Essential Takeaways from #AskJP

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Industry News & Trends

Did you miss #AskJP, our first CEO Twitter chat, on December 3rd? Here are the five essential takeaways you should know:

Shifting requires accommodating the millennials entering the workforce

Without question, associations are interested in connecting with millennials as both members and leaders. Millennial needs and wants are different than those of generations past. In order to make a successful shift for your organization, you must look at the millennial generation’s work style, expectations and long term goals.

Associations need to make faster decisions with this generation of consumers. They also need to utilize technology that captures the member experience.

Many associations offer services intended to solve issues for traditional members, but these offerings may not appeal to tech-savvy and tech-friendly millennial members. It’s necessary to incorporate technology that provides value to your member and enhances their member experience. Technologies like mobile apps, wearables, and the Internet of Things are sure to shift the way associations cater to their members and the millennial generation.

The next shift in the association market will be mobile networking and connecting cloud data.

The massive growth of mobile technology has thoroughly shifted the way associations manage their business. It has facilitated unique levels of connectivity between employees, vendors, and customers. This level of connectivity allows the member to have more control. Associations can utilize the cloud to push information down to the member level by taking their behavior, wants and needs into consideration. By integrating useful tools and information specific to their user behavior, it reflects that the organization values the member’s opinion and provides the best experience possible.

Website traffic increases with video and social media use; with Periscope being the latest craze.

Associations are becoming smarter and more confident in their approach to using video content as part of their marketing strategy. It’s as simple as this – visual platforms, such as Periscope, YouTube and Snapchat, help mobile users and young professionals connect and share information in real-time.

Associations often focus on technology from a cost perspective, but must shift to thinking about revenue generation and member value.

When it comes to technology, associations are deliberate about investing in the appropriate areas to guarantee success. They recognize the significance of usability and design as key components for their market. Leading associations are taking bold steps to implement technology-based solutions to provide high-value services to members that align with the organization’s mission.

We hope you enjoyed our first Twitter Q&A, and we look forward to you joining us for our next one in 2016.


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