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Enabling Your Members’ Addiction to Content

by | Mar 24, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

For any of you who tuned into the iPad unveiling (back in January), I’m sure you got that same giddy feeling I did as you hit refresh on your browser to see the most recent content magically appear. Even for people like me who are super late technology adopters (I still have a phone that’s a distant cousin of the Jitterbug), there was all the heady anticipation of a first date. What’s next, what can we do? OMG, am I dreaming?!?! And now with the release date less than two weeks away…I’m all a flutter.

But the technology was really not the amazing thing to me (although I think you and your product are super cool, Jobs). What amazed me was how the reporting of the unveiling was spread to the rest of the world in lightning-quick micro bursts of information. There were bloggers no doubt who were getting heartburn trying to get the information out there as quickly and accurately as possible, not to mention avoiding the dreaded typo.

Social media (and its corresponding technology) has changed (forever) the way we disseminate information. We no longer have the excuse of it being after 5 pm EST. “Oh well, that will run tomorrow. Missed our print deadline,” is not a viable excuse either.

But instantaneous information feeding/sharing does come at a price. We (as a culture) are addicted to the rapid release. It’s made us more impatient and hyperactive. We can lament the degeneration of culture all we want to but it’s more important to address the requirements of your audience. If your members want instant info from your online community don’t lecture them about how they need to put down their “crackberry.” By enabling this “addiction” to instantaneous content (and feeding their needs) you create a secondary addiction — daily visits to your site. 

However, facilitating your members’ addiction to breaking news is a commitment that involves constantly updating content and empowering them to become curators of that content. With’s unlimited admin seats you don’t have to carry the burden alone. You can assign myriads of individuals to help with uploading and maintaining your file libraries and industry/organizational news. You can even set expiration dates for your admin accounts.

I know when it comes to information I want it all and I want it now. What about you? Your members? Do you know what they want and do you have an information dissemination process in place to keep them up-to-date and returning to your site for the most current content?


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