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Emailing – What’s Too Much?

by | Feb 12, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

Emailing — it’s a great way to communicate quickly and within your schedule. You can reach out to multiple people with a couple of quick key strokes. It also makes contacting the same person over and over again effortless. But when do you cross the boundary from tenacious go-getter to scary stalker?

The Harvard Business Review had an interesting post not too long ago that examined that very question. It used an example of a business meeting in which one party is interested in obtaining something from the other (employment, financial backing, a recommendation, etc.). The “seeker” thought the meeting went very well and had the other’s word that they would work together in the future. The seeker then followed up with multiple emails and calls.

Is that the right course of action? How many calls or emails constitute too many? Thoughts?


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