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Helping Your Members Hear You Over the Noise

by | Aug 25, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

j0438661In our own sections of the world we become immune to the daily din. If you are a city dweller, you think nothing of car horns blowing all day and night. If you live in the country, a night without crickets would seem…well, who knows?

The same applies to our jobs. Office workers think nothing of the white noise and computer fan background. We don’t even notice it, nor do we notice Windows dings and bings. They’re part of our environment. Even if these noises get louder, we don’t pay any attention. It’s only when a truly unique sound invades our ears that we are jarred out of our work coma. For instance, ever hear a cow “mooooo” in an office? Now that would get my attention!

Increasing the volume at which you broadcast your message will not register with your members. You have to break through the other noise that surrounds them. You have to do something unique, stand out. Tell them something they’ve never heard in a way they’ve never heard it.  You have to be that cow mooing in the office. Disrupt and you’re halfway to being heard.



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