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eBook: The State of African American Women in Association Managemen

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Industry News & Trends

The State of African American Women in Association Management

We Are Not Many, But We Are Not Alone

By Michelle Mason, CAE, FASAE
Stefanie Reeves, CAE
Velma R Hart, CAE, FASAE
The theme for the 2012 Black History Month was Black Women in American Culture and History. From the
American Revolution (when associations first sprang to life in America) to the present, African American women
have played a myriad of roles in the creation and growth of our nation.

Through their involvement in churches, community groups, and social advocacy organizations, these women
have been at the center of life for the African American community; however, for all of their contributions, their
unique stories have received little of the attention they deserve.

In his 2012 presidential proclamation for Black History Month, Barack Obama wrote, “The achievements of
African American women are not limited to those recorded and retold in our history books. Their impact is felt in communities where
they are quiet heroes who care for their families, in boardrooms where they are leaders
of industry, in laboratories where they are discovering new technologies, and in classrooms where they are pre-paring the next generation for the world they will inherit.”

While President Obama’s words speak to the legacy of African American women in our society, they also highlight a greater need for diversity in all areas of leadership – the association community not withstanding.


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