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Don’t Worry About Content Just Keep Writing the Same Old Stuff

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

The inner recesses of your mind contain fantastical content ideas.

Sarcasm is the theme of the morning. Please do not keep writing the same stuff you wrote back in 1998. As a matter of fact — depending on your audience — you may not be best served by writing content. You should probably have a mix of video and audio as well. Not sure where to start? Today on our Twitter channel we’re sharing a lot of tips on adding content (

Be sure to check them out and I have a quickie content tip of my own:

Smells, songs and sounds can inspire. When you’re feeling like you’ve hit a content wall and you can’t possibly think of one more original thought, let alone blog about it, put on your favorite song from your past (high school, college, when you first left home, etc.). The emotions it evokes are sure to bring up a new angle for your content plus our favorite songs always energize. Who can listen to that toe-tapping beat and not feel the blood moving?

Music not your thing? Try a fragrance. Maybe the smell of bleach reminds you of dorm life. Maybe a certain perfume brings up a lost love. All of these memories evoke emotions which, in turn, inspire content.

Don’t understand how memories of a bad prom night will inspire business writing? You’d be surprised what we link in our unconscious minds or what social clues you picked up from back then. Plus, if nothing else, sharing funny stories from our past is a great way to connect to others.

What’s the obscure part of your past that will become your inspiration today?


Inspiration for this blog post: Trashcan Sinatras’ Obscurity Knocks 


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