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Don’t Fear Your Employees Becoming Bigger Than You

by | Feb 29, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

I should save this post for Halloween because it scares a lot of people.

No matter what your industry, you want strong, competent people working (and volunteering) for you. You want your employees (and volunteers) to represent you professionally and with such vigor and conviction that their energy is contagious and people want to be a part of what they are a part of.

Or do you?

That is the dilemma many organizations are facing now with the advent and subsequent embracing of social media – are your employees “out-shining” your group/brand?

They should be. <gasp> If you have made well-informed hiring decisions and brought in people who represent you in the fashion and tone in which you want to be represented  (which you undoubtedly communicated to them) and you’ve empowered them to speak and act on your behalf, you’re on your way to becoming the “wind beneath their wings.”

We all know professional teams that are known by their star players. It helps ticket sales. It creates a cult-like following and as long as the other teammates feel valued it doesn’t hurt the franchise. It can actually help a relatively unknown team become a fan favorite – everyone loves an underdog.

The same can be said of a very forward-facing employee (or member of your organization) as long as he or she knows what’s expected, knows what your goals and organizational mission are and feels valued. Giving your employees the spotlight does not take it away from your organization. It lets the audience know that you have the knowledge and wherewithal to hire the best and the brightest. When employees shine, so do you.


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