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Do Things Differently – Friday Fix

by | Dec 16, 2011 | Industry News & Trends

I started out wanting to write a post about the beauty in unplugging (or as some fancy tech people like to say – going off the grid) once a week for at least an hour. I wanted to enumerate the pleasures of staring off into space and allowing yourself to brainstorm new ideas without mechanical (aka online) help. Forget calling, tweeting or texting anyone. Just take a moment to “network” with yourself.

But then I realized there may still be some of you who have not become attached to your smart phone, netbook, iPod or iPad, Kindle, etc. Some of you may still have in-person conversations and think of social networking as attending a real life event where you are both social and networking.

So my Friday Fix is this – regardless of whether you are plugged in to technology like it’s life support or you still need to carry around a bag with you so you can talk on your sat./cell phone, spend some time doing it differently. Techies – unplug. Dwellers of the 1950s – pick up one of those new fangled phones that know your preferences better than your family does. Take some time experiencing the other side and then appreciate the benefits of both because you have members who already do.


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