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Digital Conversations: What They Mean to Your Organization

by | Jan 18, 2011 | Membership & Marketing

I was reading Brian Solis’ blog a couple of days ago and stumbled across Gatorade’s approach to monitoring digital conversations across the Web. Their command center is a great idea (albeit one that not all of us can afford). But what I love most about it is their attitude toward social media and digital conversations. If you watch the video describing Gatorade’s efforts, you’ll spot their powerful statement about online conversation:

“Through these conversations, we gather insights that influence our communications, that influence our product, our brand, setting the stage for digital leadership.”

Gatorade understands that whether they are involved in social media or not, the conversations are occurring. Customer-focus means going where your customers are, listening to what they have to say, applying their insights to the betterment of your product and their satisfaction.

For associations, nonprofits and educational institutions your product is your organization. If you’re not listening to the digital conversations, you may be missing out on some wonderful suggestions and ways to improve your offerings in the eyes of your constituents. For organizations with smaller budgets than Gatorade, you need to accomplish with software what you may lack in manpower. You need membership software that allows you to capture data through robust reporting features… Membership management software tools that help you do more with less.

The business climate has been changing for some time now. Customers’ expectations have evolved. Marketers used to be concerned with presenting their product in the best light. We were the ones doing all the talking. No longer. To continue to grow — your organization, institution, product, service, or thing-a-ma-jig, you have to be the one listening.

Are you?


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