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Customer Service – a Top Priority at

by | Mar 25, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

Your virtual helping hand

One thing we hear over and over again — and of which we are quite proud — is that our customer service is top-notch.

We work very hard to maintain this level of service because it wouldn’t matter how great our product was without responsive (and helpful) support.  But how can you apply what we do to your organization or online member community? We concentrate on five premises for top-tier support:

1. We are here. Response is key. Our team focuses on answering support tickets quickly and correctly (one is no good without the other). Our customers get answers to even the most complicated questions within 24 hours, most of the time within just hours of posing the question.

2. Effective touch log system. We keep extensive logs on customer interaction so that no matter who handles the question or concern, the customer history is at their fingertips. No customer has to repeat the details of past conversations or questions (unless they want to).

3. Reminder system. Our product support team sets reminders for themselves to optimize their abilities to reach out to resolve outstanding issues. For instance, if a customer had a takeaway from a support ticket — as in he or she needed to look something up and respond back — before the help could be administered, our support team would place a tickler on the customer file so that they can follow-up if they haven’t heard back. We are responsible for maintaining contact even if they onus is one the customer, after all we are partners in success.

4. Close contact. New customers are assigned to a member of our product support team so that they can experience one-on-one training and get the individualized assistance they need. After their community is live, they will get to know our entire team because we follow-up periodically with customers we have not heard from. We never want our customers to feel like they are out there alone. Because we know silence is not always golden; sometimes it means the customer is lost and is not sure where to turn. We put the power of the community and administrative tools in your hands, while you are in ours. We also provide every customer with an invitation to join our private, online community for administrators. That way customers can speak and network with other users. The practical application of our product is discussed within forums on our site and members are encouraged to share their experiences. All new features and enhancements are also written up in a status update log and described in-depth in the monthly Adminergy newsletter.

5. Standing behind our product. It’s rare in today’s world to find a company that is so confident in its product that it offers unlimited support and training for as long as you use our service. Whether you’re brand new or have been with us for years and need a refresher, we are happy to help as often as you need us. Plus it’s free. Don’t see a value in this? Check out how the other software vendors you use handle support. Some will charge you in excess of $50 a service call.

Even if you do not have your own customer service team, reaching out to your customers, members, alumni or stakeholders is essential. Building relationships doesn’t end at an introduction and an exchange of money/sign-in. You have to work to maintain your connection through efficient, constant contact. This is what we do. It works for us and our customers. Maybe there’s not a direct correlation for how these tasks can be implemented but maybe they will inspire you to increase customer service efforts on your end.

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