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Creating a Successful Online Alumni Community

by | Nov 1, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

Today’s alumni associations use the Internet to keep track of their members and many of them have formed online communities to make this a little easier. The right type of software for an alumni community can make the difference between one that is very successful and one that can be classified as an also-ran.

The Internet has changed our expectations for news and information delivery. We want it now. Internet users expect quick access to information and easy navigation. If you do not catch your site visitor’s attention in the first two or three seconds, most people will move on. can help you create a visually-appealing alumni web site, complete with your school’s colors, logo and fonts. This alumni software will help you build and maintain a database of your member community. The information is stored securely and accessible by members only. You have the ability to modify access to it according to membership levels/groups. Your members have the ability of hiding their information as well (admins can still view this data).

In addition to the member database component, your alumni community software has interactive features that entice members to keep coming back, like surveys, online chat and blogging. Your pages, and document capabilities, are unlimited and can be changed by the admin (or members with rights) as often as you like without html, web-design or coding experience. You can upload documents, manage events, collect dues/donations even sell items in your virtual store. You can create a quiz for members to play and post their high scores. You also have a database-driven, bulk email feature that you can customize and build templates with your school’s color, fonts and logo.

Since 1998 Your has been in the business of alumni community software. These years of experience can be the difference between you having a highly successful online community and one that never quite takes off. With communities that span seven continents and represent everything from school alumni associations to major companies, we strive to provide the expertise you need. Plus all future upgrades, customer service and training are included in one low price.


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