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Corporate Social Networking: Good for the Brand, the Consumer and Your Wallet

by | Mar 30, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

It’s social. It’s business. Whatever is business social networking? Although the terms can be confusing, the idea can be very lucrative for your company. You have a product. It’s marketed traditionally you have loyal customers but want more. How about providing an online community forum for your customers to interact with one another? Need more ideas on how you can capitalize on your customers online time? After all, they’re already surfing the web and social networking – might as well be on your site. Things membership software  from can do: 

  • Provide your customers with a social networking opportunity. You’d be surprised how many consumers want to share experiences about the products they love.
  • Conduct polls and surveys on existing products, new products, even products you are considering offering.
  • Make coupon codes or coupons available to all (or some) of your members.
  • Send out e-newsletters and bulk email to your clientele.
  • Create blogs. Give your product a face by introducing the consumer to a member of your design team or a research and development person.
  • Post community events/projects your company is taking part in.
  • Upload pictures and other media from these events.
  • Upload streaming video of your latest ads.
  • Create a VIP section for power users that allows you to reward them for their customer, brand or site loyalty.
  • Encourage employees to post as well. You know they are out on other sites so bring them into yours, plus they can link to their other social networks through their employee/customer profile on your site., a global leader in online member communities and web-based membership management software for associations, non-profits, government organizations, corporations, congregations, secondary schools, universities, foundations, fraternal organizations and private social networking sites can help you reach and hold your customers through interactive member sites. Serving hundreds of customers around the world, creates truly dynamic, secure and connected member communities with all product features, design, hosting, future product upgrades and customer service included for one low fee.


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