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Convergence of Software Yields Operational Cost Savings

by | Oct 21, 2011 | Industry News & Trends

Multiple software programs are costly, cumbersome and often-times redundant. Your organization may be running in upwards of seven different pieces that, upon combining, could yield both cost and manpower savings.

Unlike organizational restructuring, you can realize the benefits of convergence quickly and cost-effectively through a product that offers both membership management software and an online member community.

If the technology behind your organization and/or its social media strategy is pieced-together software such as an access database to handle member information; an email list for your marketing; a stand-alone event system; a website (with hosting); shopping cart for your ecommerce efforts; survey tools to engage your members; and web calendars, you may be over-complicating your member management. Often, you may discover that a la carte solutions and prices do not always provide the most cost-savings.

Creating a private online member community that includes social media components as well as web-based membership management software is easier than you might think, and it can help you:

Reduce costs. Separate software licenses, training, hardware and maintenance can be costly when you are working on different platforms and with different vendors. Consolidating these efforts to one robust software package may provide the greater cost savings you are searching for. Add up the charges (monthly fees, support charges and service requirements) for each component you currently use. You might be surprised at the dollar cost – and the efficiency lost.

Increase efficiency. Besides the efficient workflow that occurs when using a product with components designed to work together, you now have only one logon, one vendor to contact with questions, and one stop for training. There’s one interface, one set of directions and one partner in your success.

Also, older applications may not be designed with today’s important social networking features in mind. The complete social media and membership management solution helps you maximize your web presence and modernize your social media offerings.

Plus the ease of use of the software available, the diminished learning curve (in having only one system to learn)and plans with unlimited training make for a seamless integration into your social media plans and organizational mission.

Increase offerings/value. You have a lot of industry knowledge and experience to offer your members. Make sure they have access to it. With some membership management software, you can upload file libraries and multi-media files like MP3s, PowerPoint Presentations, Video tours and seminars. Providing easy access to valuable information they can’t get elsewhere is a great way to encourage your members to log in and they can do so on their schedule. Plus the security of a private online community means you have peace of mind regarding your documents and videos. And with some systems, members can comment, vote and add your content as favorites on their profile.

Increase morale. In addition to creating a feature-rich community for your members it is also important to seek out a solution that provides efficient tools for your administrator(s). System-wide reporting tools, data import and export, and ease-of-use all help your internal staff perform their duties more effectively and in less time. And because there is only one system to learn, training is easier as well. And an empowered staff is a happier, healthier staff!

The technology to meet all of your management and community needs is out there and could possibly save you money when you factor in what you spend for each individual piece of your system. Put an end to your work-arounds and select software that integrates all you want to accomplish in one, user-friendly solution. Membership management software can consolidate your organization efforts, increase your efficiency and maximize your opportunities through a feature-rich online community that remains under your control while it showcases your branding.


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