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Consolidating Your Social Networking Life

by | Aug 19, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

Looking for a better connection with your members?

Looking for a better connection with your members?

Universal McCann found in its recent “Power to the People: Social Media Tracker” Study that social networkers are looking to networks that consolidate multiple social media abilities on a single site. Are we seeing an end to  the days of going to one site for blogging, one for photo uploading and one for sending friends messages?

Sure, it’s important that your members have the freedom to choose and in no way do you want to discourage their participation in other sites. But being ready for this eventual consolidation with a product that not only covers all of their social networking needs but helps you run a more efficient organization through a powerful CMS, is smart. Positioning your organization to maximize the benefit of social input and interaction can be done quickly and affordably. can have your new site and software ready in 72 hours and our straightforward, all-inclusive pricing makes it easy on the wallet as well.


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