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Community Manager Appreciation Day

by | Jan 23, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

Today we celebrate Community Managers (as well as the Chinese New Year). And although it may seem like an Internet holiday (sort of like a Hallmark holiday but with more technology advocates), the person behind your technology is as essential as the technology itself. A successful online community manager is someone who has the exuberance to:

– stoke community fires round the clock;
– monitor content/conversations not because of some sort of SOPA-esque militant drive but because he or she wants your community to be inviting and welcoming to all;
– reach out to new members;
– engage veteran members;
– listen to conversations about your community that occur outside of your community;
– help;
– rally the troops; and
– understand the real-world application of your organizations mission and goals and keep them and the needs of your community in mind at all time — especially when they appear to be at odds with one another.

In honor of Community Managers Appreciation Day, we’re sharing this report on Community Managers compiled by SocialFresh. There’s so much value brought to an online community with a full-time community manager. We mentioned a few of the necessary skills required in a community manager. What do you think is essential in a community manager?


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