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Becoming an (Accidental) Superhero with Social Media

by | Oct 22, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

Greatest American Hero — remember that show? One of the quintessential 80s offerings that entertained adults and kids alike. The kind of shows we watched where we would “pretend” to be the characters after it was over. We had to.

Oh the things you can do with the right powers.

Oh the things you can do with the right powers.

There weren’t any video games then that allowed us to live (virtually) the life of the guy in the cape.

The show revolved around an ordinary school teacher who found a hero suit (I think left behind by aliens but trivia buffs can, and will, correct me on that one). He could do amazing things with it (thus the title) but the rub was that he had lost the instruction booklet and was making it up as he went along. Still he managed to save the day and his mishaps only made him more loveable.

Kinda like social media. We have extraordinary tools at our disposal. We can leap buildings in single bounds and traverse vast geographical areas to connect with one another. Our powers are almost limitless.

So we explore and connect and generally try to do good but it takes some learning. Flying isn’t all that easy (at first). But if you watch people who know what they’re doing, that’ll help. Asking questions doesn’t hurt either. Our lovable hero was always bouncing things off (sometimes literally) of his trusted companions. Just know that you can get the tools to work for you but it takes time. And if you crash into a few obstacles along the way, remember that’s all they are — obstacles. Part of the power of social media is becoming more transparent. If you make a mistake in usage and wish you hadn’t placed intimate details of your life on a very public wall, that’s okay. Maybe your fans will find it an endearing faux-pas but, if not, it’s okay to apologize. When the Greatest American Hero crash landed in the middle of a wedding, he didn’t stop flying. He dusted himself off, apologized and got right back to his mission.

Although some people have been using the suit (of social media tools) longer, and so they’re more versed in how best to use the powers, a good majority of people are really just learning as they go; evolving their practices and hopefully using their powers for the good. Whatever happens don’t be afraid to use the suit and learn how to harness the great power behind it. Then you too can be the Greatest American (insert other country if applicable) Hero to your organization. 

What super power has social media brought you?


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