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Be Specific – Friday Fix

by | Dec 23, 2011 | Industry News & Trends

We get a lot of spam on this blog. Akismet rounds it up neatly for me to review at my leisure. The spam is filled with comments regalling my ability as a writer, telling me how much they like our design, thanking us for providing the information they were looking for for years and years. While everyone enjoys a compliment, it becomes quite obvious after I receive the same message (verbatim) from 18 email addresses with the same noun/verb disagreement and grammatical errors, that these folks just want something from me. Every once in a while I do worry that ignoring these generic “spammers” means I may keep out a real poster.

Commenting on blogs and retweeting information is both helpful to your audience and a fantastic way to exchange ideas. But that potential connection evaporates if your comment to that person is as bland as an auto-spammer. So this week’s Friday Fix — to be applied to any of your web correspondence — be specific in your praise (or difference of opinion). If you like the post let the writer know why. If you disagree, give examples.  It will let the writer know that you appreciate her opinion (even if you disagree with it) and have thought about the content.


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