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by | Mar 20, 2009 | Membership & Marketing

In a recent survey by ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership, it was reported that 22.6% responded that if their employer discontinued paying their association dues for them, they would surrender their membership; while 5.7% reported they were dropping membership dues this year regardless. That means that over a quarter of the members out there are considering relinquishing their memberships. Those are frightening figures for associations. How do you combat the evils of a dried-up economy?

Providing value to your membership through education and training is a great way to try and head-off  retention problems. With association management software from you are able to provide industry information and highlight professional trends. Through instituting blogs and member profiles, your site can become a place to network and collaborate with fellow association members. Upload PDFs, MP3s, even an educational seminar in order to allow your membership to feel further entrenched with your association. After all, you know how valuable they are — you just want to convince them of the same.


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