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Are You Ready for When Millennials Take Over – Your Questions Answered

by | May 1, 2015 | Membership & Marketing

I just got back from a great week at Elevate 2015, CalSAE’s Annual Conference located this year in beautiful Lake Tahoe. It’s at events like Elevate that you often realize what a small, small world the association profession can sometimes appear to be.

Just a week removed from the last YM monthly webinar Are You Ready for When Millennials Take Over with Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant, CAE from Cultures That Work, I ran into both of them at Elevate. They were speaking on topics addressing millennials related to culture building and the effective use of social media to drive member engagement.

I have to admit I was a little surprised to see Jamie. Immediately after our webinar, Jamie and I met for the latest episode of Ask the Thought Leader literally minutes before he had to race off to catch a plane to India to speak on a similar topic. Here’s an interesting factoid from his trip. While there are estimated to be around 80 million millennials in this country, India has more millennials than the entire population of the US – over 300 million. That dynamic will have significant ramifications on India’s culture for years to come.

Without question, there is a lot of interest for many associations on how to connect with millennials as members and leaders. As the Boomer generation continues its exodus from the workforce, organizations are quickly coming to the realization that they have to get past the notion of having to “deal with millennials”, and instead, fully embrace them. It’s as simple as this – if you plan on your organization existing and prospering 10 years from now, the millennial generation will have to be a significant portion of your membership. It really comes down to evolving how you communicate with them and your entire member base moving forward. Managing expectations and delivering content and services that are relevant and valuable will define the membership experience for this generation.

Jamie and Maddie were asked a number of questions dealing with these challenges during the webinar, and Jamie and I take them on with Episode 14 of Ask the Thought Leader. You can view it below.

Getting back to the small world of associations, I also had the good fortune to connect with Elizabeth Weaver Engel, MA, CAE at Elevate 2015. Elizabeth and Anna Caraveli, PhD will be debuting their joint whitepaper at YM’s next Thought Leadership Webinar to be held on May 20th, titled Leading Engagement from the Outside In: Become an Indispensable Partner in Your Members’ Success.  Registration is free, so please mark your calendar and join us for what looks to be another outstanding topic.


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