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Are We Spoiled?

by | Aug 13, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

I was taking a look at a piece of software yesterday, a very robust piece, that I was auditioning for personal use. It had LOTS of features I simply didn’t need (now) and great functionality for what I did need. It was user friendly and seemed to have great support. I downloaded the free trial and already they’ve been in contact with me asking how they could be of service.

I will probably end up buying this software because even though it offers a lot of features I don’t need, it works well for what I do need it to do. Plus, who knows, maybe in the future I will want to use the other features. What it doesn’t have — and it would make my visual life so much easier if it did — is allowing me to “turn off” the features I don’t want. Then I could customize my usage and not be bogged down with the clutter of menu tabs that meant nothing to me or my objectives.

Has Web 2.0 spoiled me? Do I just want everything my way? Guess that’s why I work for  

How has social media or Web 2.0 changed your purchasing expectations?


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