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An Award Winning Approach to Professional Education

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Online Learning

Do your learning programs look like a mishmash of topics and formats with seemingly no overall strategic framework? Do they suffer from inconsistent branding, functionality, and or design due to a lack of time and resources?

If you answered “yes”, it’s ok. Many organizations face the same challenges. The good news is that the path to better results can be reached with simple steps. Consider these points in your planning:  

  • Find real targets within your audience. Your audience may seem homogenous, but in reality, there are demographics and educational “buyer” profiles within your audience. Your educational program should recognize and prioritize these profiles and target them with relevant and timely content in order to thrive. Sure, you may not have time or resources to build something for everyone, but look more closely, there must be a profile or niche within your audience on which to focus.
  • You don’t need to build a sequel to Star Wars™: Many organizations immediately think that to change and grow, they must immediately invest tons of money to build great content. On the contrary, if you look at some of the popular learning tools out there, from Khan Academy to tutorials on YouTube, you’ll find that simplicity and quality of content will win over bloated graphics and unnecessary whiz bang.
  • Vetting as the Voice, not creating everything:  Another piece of good news, you don’t have to be the creator of all the content you deliver. Consider partnering with a publisher, even if it brings one great course to your library. What’s key is that you, as the trusted voice for the profession, validate it as “great content” that you endorse. It’s likely that no one else in your industry can claim such an enviable position.

We hope these tips help. You can find more traits of successful programs here in our Health Check for Professional education.  Below, you can read more about us, and how we can help you.

About our LMS, Crowd Wisdom™

Our award winning LMS, Crowd\ Wisdom™, was designed to deliver a more effective and engaging learning experience for working professionals seeking content and information to further their career skills and knowledge. Our approach is to provide a “lifecycle” platform that the member or credential holder can visit throughout their experience with an association or a channel program, at each point receiving personalized learning material.

About YM Learning

YM Learning, formerly Digital Ignite, supports education and certification programs through one centralized hub to make your organization the content resource for your industry. Our learning management software platform, Crowd Wisdom™, is specifically designed for professional education with a versatile and intuitive system that makes it easy to empower learners with a more engaging, scalable, and profitable eLearning experience. Crowd Wisdom™ makes it easy to manage all your educational content in one location, integrate with your key systems of record, and support learning in all key browsers and devices.

Key features include:

Dedicated testing platforms: build quizzes, assessments, and surveys/evaluations
Webinar support: seamless integrations with popular webinar platforms
Digital certificate delivery: send richly designed PDFs upon completion or passing
Automatic emails: send reminders, alerts, and completion notices
Reports: run reports of all key activities and integrate with Google Analytics
Advanced modules: easily conduct Maintenance of Certification and Institutional sales

Recognized as a top LMS platform by independent analysts including Brandon-Hall, CODiE and Talented Learning.

Brandon Hall Bronze Tech Award 2015

Talented Learning Award LMS 2015


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