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Alumni Association Software: Managing Your Members

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Industry News & Trends

If you are in charge of managing an alumni association, you have multiple tasks to oversee – alumni directory and profiles, event and reunion management, class and chapter homepages, and donation and dues collection, to name just a few. can help you create a site that encompasses these duties and provides your alumni with feature-rich social networking opportunities.

An essential component of alumni association software is the ability to create and manage an alumni directory/member profiles. With alumni software from your members have the ability to upload a profile pic, choose which information of theirs is shared publicly, upload photos to albums, blog, send messages, chat live and link to their (and other members’) social network profiles.

There is a user-friendly event management feature that allows for uploading of event description and details, map/directions, pictures from previous events, even a calendar of events. Members can register for reunions, pay for events and choose extras (like selecting a dinner or t-shirt size, if applicable). Payment can even be received online. Event pages can be public or accessible by particular groups only.

Another task that can be made more efficient through alumni management software is dues/donations collection. Dues and donations can be tracked as well as collected directly from the site. Need a reminder? Send out an email from the bulk email or messaging feature. Create a template to match your organization’s main website. Get a pledge that you want to keep track of? Try the touch log, which allows you to make notes on members’ profiles (visible on the backend) to serve as a reminder for you to follow-up.

But alumni software from is more than just a tool for administration; it allows you to create an enriched online community for your members. Get them involved and excited about your site! Create polls and surveys, encourage blogging, host forums (bet they have a lot to say about the upcoming game with their school rival). Remind them what it was like to be a daily part of something as lively as their alma mater.

The overall goal in establishing a vibrant online community becomes worlds easier with alumni software that is both comprehensive and user-friendly. You want to make sure it works for all of your administrative needs, while still appealing to your members. After all, your alums are already out there social networking. Wouldn’t you rather it be on your site?


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