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A Deeper Look at the Big Bang Disruptions Facing Associations

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Industry News & Trends

You can find disruptive innovations anywhere you look. The change they create can come from new technologies, changes in human or consumer behavior, or combinations of both. It is important to not only have a handle on the disruptive change we know about today, but also be prepared for what might pop up tomorrow.

The August YM CAE Thought Leadership webinar was Big Bang Disruption: 5 Technologies and Trends That Should Be On Your Radar. Led by Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, CMP, VP of Professional Development for Ewald Consulting, Kathie shared some very interesting ideas on the disruptive technologies and trends that are impacting associations today and will continue to in the future.

In Episode 19 of Ask the Thought Leader, I met with Kathie to talk a little more in depth about the five technologies and trends she highlighted during the webinar. They were:

  1. Advanced web platforms – the web platform of 5-10 years ago no longer serves your member’s needs
  2. Mobile/Smart Devices – associations need to connect where their members live
  3. Data integration and access to drive strategy and personalization
  4. Freemium/Try Before You Buy membership models
  5. Technology driving new business models, changing the business landscape – for profits offering membership models and content that compete with associations

The discussion is available below for your viewing.

While I’ve got you here, please mark your calendar to attend our YM CAE Thought Leadership Webinar on September 23rd, Becoming a 24/7 On-Demand Service Provider to Meet Member Expectations. We will be discussing how associations can leverage technology available today to develop compelling offers to help retain your current members and to recruit new prospective members as you grow your organization. I hope you can attend.


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