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A Content Marketing Primer for Associations

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

I just returned from an amazing conference – Content Marketing World. I hope you were fortunate enough to catch some of the hashtag (#cmworld) stream on Twitter. If not, check it out.


We’re all in marketing now, whether you’re a volunteer collecting tickets at an event or you’re the executive director of a small staff association or chamber, the experience we provide our members (and potential members) is a form of marketing. Every answer we provide, every moment we spend trying to make them feel wanted, we are marketing ourselves and our organization to them.  That sort of marketing is part of being human. Providing someone with an enjoyable experience is integral to being a good host, so why does our content fall short? If someone comes to an event and wants to know what time it ends, do you refuse to answer them because you’re frightened they’ll eventually leave? Of course not! You tell them and maybe you throw in a couple of tidbits about things they should make sure they do at the event. When someone asks a question of you through social media, answer it just as you would if they were standing in front of you. Don’t be afraid that by answering you’ll be swaying their actions. They’ll find out the answer with or without your help and wouldn’t you rather be known for your helpful attitude than miss that opportunity to shine?

Content marketing at its most basic level is about creating content that’s helpful, answering your readership’s questions. As an association you do this everyday over the phone. Take some time and transcribe those answers into the medium that your audience will find the most helpful. Content marketing is not about spin. It allows you to focus on what you do best — answering how can I help you.


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