Turn your member community into a social destination.

Unleash the power of social media, mobile, analytics and the cloud.

Convert episodic engagement into stronger member connections.

Make your association a part of your members’ daily social networking habits.

Deliver greater value

Increase social and community collaboration by connecting your members to personalized, dynamic content, career and learning opportunities, and member benefits.

Access on demand

Make it easy for members to interact and engage on-the-go with a mobile app to quickly connect them to their desired digital experience.

Improve messaging

Deliver timely and relevant updates to members with push notifications and automated messages to drive engagement and new member interactions.

Community performance analytics

Break down silos of information and capitalize on the power of real-time, actionable data insights with a single system for complete community management.



Highly-intuitive features & functionality to promote real-time interactions.

The power of popular social media is now available in a private member community. Give your members and administrators the upper hand to easily find relevant information using their device of choice—anytime, anywhere.

For members

Mobile-first, responsive design & social app

Access the latest news and updates from any device, allowing you to stay in the know from wherever you are.

For members

Score member engagement

Visually display member activity and participation levels to encourage your members to contribute more frequently and connect to community thought leaders.

For members

Social networking feed

Engage members in your community by providing relevant content, learning and career opportunities within a single feed.

For members

Suggested connections

Promote valuable one-on-one connections and networking opportunities based on common attributes and interests.

For members

Automated & dynamic member renewal notices

Provide an effortless path for renewal. Make sure your members know the moment it is time to renew with an automated announcement sent to any device.

For members

Activity alerts + email notifications

Ensure stronger member engagement and inspire members to connect through real-time alerts to activities, such as “likes” and “comments.”

For administrators

Quick announcement area

Improve visibility into your latest news or campaigns. Boost revenue with strategic communications and calls to action served to each member’s content feed.

For administrators

Activity dashboard + analytics

Make powerful decisions to streamline community management and costs, while increasing your success, not your effort.

Become the association of tomorrow.

Forward-thinking associations connect with their members on a digital level.

It’s not easy building and growing an association or an organization in a fast-moving digital economy. Your members demand instant value, even across social channels. In response, you need to deliver personalized and relevant content and compelling benefits on every device. Satisfy members’ specific needs in moments of opportunity using a powerful social network. With YM, you overcome the challenges of:

    • Inefficiently managing silos of information across groups, forums, discussions, and other social media.
    • Sending offers or messages — renewal drive, fundraising, event registration — that aren’t seen by your members.
    • Missing out on valuable insights due to lack of monitoring, following trends and identifying the “signals.”
    • Leaving members out in the cold without access to relevant content using a mobile device.
    • Bypassing important new-member connections or access to an expert when you’re needed most.


Make the switch today to build your association of tomorrow.

Make member engagement easy.

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Impress your members, grow your revenue and improve your performance.

AMS features

Get flexibility and agility for your organization to quickly grow.

Social networking

Learn about the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of making social networking a daily habit.