Membership Software Features

Build Engagement

When members find value, they’re more loyal and involved in your organization


A professionally designed website that is easy to update created for today’s devices and visitors.

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Social Networking + Communities

With your community, members engage more, building a knowledgebase of ideas, sharing expertise.

Online Member Profiles

Members market themselves professionally with the latest interactive mobile tools.

Professional Development

Members track and maintain continuing education units (CEU) and certifications.

Grow Revenue

Utilize powerful tools to grow revenue through increased engagement and value

Career Centers

Dedicated client success team builds and maintains your career center at no additional cost.

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Buyer’s Guides + Advertising Solutions

Connect members, partners, and prospects in your own online marketplace and with web advertising.

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Market events online and enable members to easily register, track, and receive attendance credit.

eCommerce + Stores

Sell products 24/7 with promotional codes, tax and shipping calculations, and automated card processing.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Spend valuable resources and time on strategic activities not administration

Accounting (Accrual or Cash)

Simplify your invoicing and accounting processes by fully integrating with your dues, donations, and store system.

Advanced Analytics + Dashboards

Powerful analytics and reporting insights to take action to improve ROI and evaluate trends.

Advanced Dues Configuration

Manage dues effectively for multi-tiered, variable durations, and other complicated membership models.

Customer Service, Support + Training

Unlimited service and support through webinar training series (live and recorded), searchable knowledge database, a dedicated implementation advisor, daily Q&A sessions, and live support.

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