Meet the next generation of online learning.

One flexible + intuitive interface for a personalized learning experience.

Crowd Wisdom™, YM’s LMS, heightens the learning experience with a platform that puts learning back in the hands of the learner. It’s an online learning solution that simplifies the learning experience and drive results, allowing your organization to exceed its mission-critical goals.

Build Engagement

Deliver valuable + relevant content using an advanced recommendation engine.



Recognize learner needs, prescribe what they’re seeking and push the content to them across any device.

Social + Community

Learners can easily find and share knowledge with their peers in courses, discussions or blogs.

Tests + Quizzes

Administer dynamic tests and assessments to your learners with rich features, simulating certification and licensure testing, along with quizzes for quick knowledge checks and learner-created exams.

Improved CE Support

Your learners can track multiple types of CEs or CMEs, now with additional support for manual entry of external activities.

Certificate Engine

Assign learner certificates for achievement, inserting CE or CME units, unique ID and learner information.

Learner Centric

Deliver Results

Influence critical learning and professional education.




Strengthen your online brand and web experience using our advanced CSS/HTML support capabilities.

Promoted Content

Promoted Content + Product Support

Capitalize on new marketing and revenue opportunities by easily promoting quick announcements and products.

Survey Engine

Survey Engine

Capture learner feedback to enhance your future offerings with surveys and polls that are fully equipped with reporting capabilities.


Receive support for key learning standards for interoperability and internet standards on accessibility (WCAG + Section 508).

YM Learning Flexible Interface

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Enhance the learning experience using a scalable and easy-to-use platform.



Webinar Support

Seamlessly launch WebEx™, Adobe™ and GoToMeeting™ sessions within your online courses.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Enhance your learner and brand experience with easy platform and web integration services across: SSO, AMS, CRM, ERP and e-commerce.

Survey Engine

Mobile Ready + HTML 5 + iOS Support

Easily distribute content across all key devices, smartphones and desktops.


Customize access for learners with disabilities, complying with WCAG and Section 508.

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