The world’s top niche job boards are powered by YourMembership.

A dynamic career center platform to deliver a world-class user experience + increase your revenue.

Candidate Engagement

Seamless engagement

Access candidates through social media, email, mobile channels and sophisticated programmatic advertising and job distribution.

Unmatched Revenue

Unmatched revenue generation

Make your career center more valuable to candidates and employers, then market and sell it to every employer hiring your talent.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting + analytics

Get crucial data from comprehensive on-demand and pre-generated reports to drive sales and acquire members.


Job Board Software

More than job board software.

Industry gold standard to engage members + grow revenue.

Create a competitive advantage for your job board over other recruitment channels. Drive traffic to your career center and engage potential candidates, then maximize revenue from employers who pay you to display their jobs. Get it all done working with the world’s largest and best niche job board software, sales and marketing team, or use your own team armed with our best-in-class technology.

YM significantly adds more jobs for your members, more seekers for your employers, and more revenue for your organization:

    • Impressive job seeker marketing, job distribution and SEO.
    • Clean, mobile-responsive user interface customized to your brand.
    • Deep employer functionality to attract, screen and manage applicants.

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Top Notch Job Seekers

Top-notch career event management + services.

Sit back + earn non-dues revenue, while we do all the work.

Host onsite or virtual events to develop long-standing member and user value and engagement, driving their career advancement and higher career center usage. These events and services also generate significant revenue for you. Many of the world’s leading organizations already do this with us, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

    • Live industry career fairs specifically produced for your members and organization.
    • Virtual career fairs that benefit new members and grow your revenue.
    • Recruitment ad sales run by the largest recruitment advertising sales engine industry wide.
    • Intern and mentor boards that bring together mentors and proteges to enhance professional development.

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Enhance engagement and grow revenue with a powerful career center.

Only the best career center experience for everyone.

Hundreds of millions of dollars generated for partners.


Association benefits

Drive deeper member and user engagement with improved communications, getting more career center traffic and revenue.

Member + job seeker benefits

Elevate job search capability, deliver customized email job alerts, provide easy profile management and resume upload, and simple-to-do online applications.

Employer benefits

Get access to highly-qualified candidates, a searchable resume database, as well as affordable, tailored posting and ad packages with payment options.

“Feedback from employers about the quality of candidates is excellent, member engagement is up, and we are targeting north of seven figures in annual sales of APA JobCentral products.”

Lindsey Fox, Advertising Manager, American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Who we serve.

2x more associations + publishers trust us over all others.

With 1.3 million jobs posted annually on more than 2,500 job boards and job board software, organizations worldwide clearly trust YM to power their career center and position them as the go-to resource to find talent and fill jobs in their industry.



More than 2,000 worldwide

  • Grow non-dues revenue
  • Increase member engagement
  • Attract new members + users


100’s worldwide

  • Drive more web traffic
  • Grow advertising revenue
  • Build sponsor + advertiser alliances


Fortune 1000

  • Raise site traffic
  • Generate more revenue
  • Build brand value


Niche job boards

  • Maximize web traffic
  • Boost revenue
  • Build recruitment advertising

Diversity Organizations

Leading diversity groups

  • Connect employers + talent
  • Run onsite + virtual career events
  • Build customized solutions

Enhance engagement and grow revenue with a powerful career center.

Explore the possibilities of YM’s Career Services.

Job board software

Work with the world’s largest and best niche job board software, services and sales team to gain a competitive advantage.

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Career fairs

Enhance member and user value and engagement, while generating more revenue for your organization.

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Who we serve

Don’t stand by while other organizations worldwide trust YM to power their job board and career center.

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